Ready for your website to shine?

Through creativity guided by integrity I seek to improve your online presence and further help your organization to reach its goals. Sounds great, but how?

Web Design

Discovery - I listen to all of your ideas, look at the websites you send me as reference and we determine a good starting place.

Conceptualization - I collaborate with you to create a custom design in Photoshop matching your specifications.

Implementation - We prepare the new home for your website. Make sure the hosting service is going to provide everything you need now and in the future.

Deployment - In this step the website comes to life, I dismantle the Photoshop design piece by piece in the process of engineering the real website. I put all of these pieces back together in code developed from many languages.

Verification – My last step is to complete the first step again. I ask is everything to your liking? Is there anything that you would like to see changed? I also do extensive testing in multiple browsers on my computer as well as mobile devices. Once we are BOTH happy the project is complete.

Website Renovation

Already have a website? Great but it’s time for an update… With your help we can breathe new life into it. Your renovation can be simple updates and additions to entirely new designs just maintaining the content. Some renovations can simply involve updating the code so it loads faster and provides newer features like audio, video, and social networking.

Mobile Website Design

It's true that most of us live rather fast paced lifes. We need to be able to look at the same website on our phone, tablet, or laptop on the run as we did at home on the desktop computer. The mobile website should function equally as well and look the same or follow the same theme as the desktop version of the website.

With the rapid sales in the past year of smart phones and tablets, it's easy to see a trend toward the mobile world. Your website can grow with the changing market.

Intranet Websites

Not all websites are for public use. Many businesses have websites specifically for their employee's use. Intranet sites can easily be used to share information with employees in a safe secure manner in an application, a browser, that they are already proficient in using. What could you share? They can contain commonly used files, forms, hr documents, calendars, etc...